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Box Lunch

$16.00 Choose any sandwich or salad type and receive a deluxe box lunch with a fruit cup, cookie and a bag of plain chips Priced per person Sandwich choices: Santa Monica Turkey - turkey, swiss, avocado, arugula, tomato, lemon aioli Chicken Club - bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, lemon aioli Garden Goddess Wrap (ve) - hummus, avocado, cucumber, carrot, tomato, arugula, beets, goddess dressing Chipotle Ranch Steak Wrap - steak, lettuce, red peppers, black beans, corn, avocado, tortilla strips, chipotle ranch dressing Turkey Cheddar Wrap - turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, lemon aioli Kale and Chicken Caesar Wrap -classic caesar salad made with kale and grilled chicken breast Chicken Caprese - grilled chicken breast, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil pesto, balsamic reduction Angry Bird- Crispy Chicken dusted with ghost pepper spice, romaine, house pickle, lemon aioli on toasted Brioche Chickpea Salad Sandwich- chickpea salad made with mayo and fresh dill on toasted sourdough with tomato, lettuce, pickled onion and Zhoug aioli Gluten-free bread available Salad choices: The Bakers Chopped- romaine, avocado, diced tomato, garbanzo beans, cucumber, corn, carrot, red peppers, blue cheese, sunflower seeds, 6 minute egg, goddess dressing Southwest Salad- shredded romaine, black beans, tomato, corn, red bell pepper, shredded white cheddar, tortilla strips, chipotle buttermilk dressing Chicken Greek Salad- Classic Greek salad with feta, chickpeas & beets topped with seasoned grilled chicken. Served with toasted Naan bread & Tzatziki

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